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  • Label: Drunken Ship Records, Ring of Fire Records
  • Release: 28 Jul, 2014
  • Catalog No: DSRNB03

Nowherebound’s third release “Mockingbirds” showcases a harder punk tempered edge applied to the signature anthemic raucous sing-along abandon the band is known for. This album ups the ante by adding loud guitars and a thunderous rhythm section to the mix. Rounding up some old friends from previous bands, Chris and Natchet enlisted the help of former Born to Lose bassist Chris Hausen and former New Disaster drummer Rob Williamson. Songwriter extraordinaire Trevor Wiseman rounds out the mix on guitars and vocals. Adding new members also piled on on new songwriting possibilities and “Mockingbirds” demonstrates that evolution nicely. This album runs the punk gamut from hard rock brashness to pop punk melodies to the standard raise-your-glass-and-sing-along anthems.

Released July 28, 2014

Nowherebound is:
Chris Klinck – Vocals
Natchet Taylor – Guitars, Banjo, Guitandolin, Harmonica, Vocals
Trevor Wiseman – Guitars, Vocals
Chris Hausen – Bass, Vocals
Rob Williamson – Drums, Vocals

Additional backups and gang vocals by Clint Baker, Blake Sutherland, Garrett Childs, Mark Underwood and Kricket Underwood.

Produced by Nowherebound.

Engineered by Natchet Taylor and Chris Klinck at The Bunker Studio in Austin, TX.

Additional Engineering by Ryan Wilson at Silverjacket Audio and Clint Baker at Heartbrake Studios.
Mixed and Mastered by Clint Baker at Heartbrake Studios.

Album Artwork and Design by Chris Klinck.

  • Here I Am

    • Lyrics

      Here I Am

      Well you chased away my angels, And left demons in their stead.
      Left me bruised and beat and blue to fight these voices in my head,
      Who whisper, ‘Boy you’ll get what’s coming,’ but life hasn’t killed me yet,
      Well Here I Am. Here I Am.

      And you’ll never know how long this lasts,
      Like happy days of past lives’ past,
      Now long forgotten memories long let go.
      So I’m coming home.

      And I knew that I would love you, with each beat left this chest,
      But I felt myself abandon me, when you’d leave like all the rest.
      Well the scrapbook said ‘forever,’ but the glue just never set,
      So Here I Am. Here I Am.

      And you’ll never know how long this lasts,
      Like happy days of past lives’ past,
      Now long forgotten memories long let go.
      So I’m coming home.

      Well you can cut this heart to pieces and throw salt in open wounds,
      But this fighter’s hands keep swinging even after rounds they lose.
      And when life she tries to leave me, I’ll be kicking down her tomb,
      Say Here I Am.
      Here I Am.

      Home to where the wheels still hum,
      The songs we lived when we were young,
      Of brotherhood when everything goes wrong, wrong, wrong.
      Home to where the music sings,
      Of highway lines and bloodied strings,
      Where friends and strangers all just sing along, long, long.

      And tunes still bear the weight of heart,
      Of heartstrings bent, then pulled apart,
      And the best goodbyes are still so hard,
      With medleys crafted in the yard,
      Then on the road and under stars,
      And back again full circle, and I know.
      I’m coming home.

  • That Was Yesterday

    • Lyrics

      That Was Yesterday

      There’s something in a full moon, that keeps me awake at night.
      So I’ll serenade the ceiling with old gunfighter ballads,
      Where the hero gets the girl.

      There’s something in the air here, something that I can’t quite place.
      And it’s nothing malleable, just a memory or emotion,
      And I love the smell but I can’t stand the taste.

      I used to be somebody else.
      I used to be so goddamned brave.
      Nothing could break my heart.
      Well that was yesterday, that was yesterday.

      There’s something ‘bout this bar scene, that keeps me out all night.
      And all my friends they act concerned, my candle’s all but burned,
      Am I burning out?

      And I’m wondering if you’re wondering, if I’m coming by tonight,
      Well just to give you a fair warning, I have been sinking,
      Into the deepest shades of blue.

      I used to be somebody else.
      I used to be so goddamned brave.
      Nothing could break my heart.
      Well that was yesterday, that was yesterday.

      Tomorrow I’ll wake up in some other part of town,
      Sleeping on someone else’s couch,
      Living in someone else’s dream.

      This isn’t like me, this isn’t like me,
      This ain’t how it’s supposed to be.
      This isn’t like me, this isn’t like me,
      This ain’t how it’s supposed to be.
      This isn’t like me, this isn’t like me,
      This ain’t how it’s supposed to be.
      This isn’t like me, this isn’t like me,
      I used to be somebody else.

  • Culture Zero

    • Lyrics

      Culture Zero

      Here’s my introduction. We got no ambition.
      We’re the modern chaos, and we got no culture.
      We don’t give a fuck.
      We don’t give a fuck.
      Until the party’s over, man,
      We don’t give a fuck.

      Let’s keep the jesters on their thrones.

      Everybody’s dying. Politicians lying.
      Deck stacked against us. There’s no due process.
      We don’t give a fuck.
      We don’t give a fuck.
      Endless War Party, man,
      We don’t give a fuck.

      Let’s kill the dreamer with each vote.

      Keep a steady pace, Let’s lose this human race!
      Build our palace, just to burn it to the ground
      Blow a farewell kiss. We are the nihilist.
      Culture zero, Live and Loud!

      There’s a food shortage, privatized water.
      Nobody’s eating a GMO buffet.
      We don’t give a fuck.
      We don’t give a fuck.
      As long as we got cable, man,
      We don’t give a fuck.

      We’ll watch it Primetime, here we go.

      We don’t give a fuck, Mother. Everybody’s losing.
      We got no systems. We got all problems.
      We got no solutions.

      Let’s pop the champagne, let it flow.

  • Two Introverts

    • Lyrics

      Two Introverts

      I’ve been waiting out this storm,
      Grasp at roses, still picking out the thorns.
      Follow me down to where the sidewalk ends,
      Bring your instrument, some paper, and a pen,
      I’ll write you down.
      I’ve been dying in this living room,
      Rehearse the second chance while dancing gospel in the gloom.
      Harvest the grapes before they start to sour,
      Make the minutes last as the second hand of this clock,
      Betrays the hour.

      I still miss you babe, the world just gets louder everyday,
      Miss those quiet yearns, just taking turns, two introverts, who’d,
      Kiss away the rainy moods, under covers, bravely lovers swooned,
      We’ll seize the day tomorrow, love, but only,
      Only if you like.

      I remember all those silent nights,
      Took quiet comfort in the stillness of those pretty eyes.
      The colors danced kaleidoscope waltzes in the sun,
      And I fell for you that moment, knowing I’m not,
      The only one.

      But the last heart left me bleeding out,
      Staining red these verses sung aloud,
      Growing cold with each song written down,
      And in the sun, I’m on the run,
      And the last train left here speeding out,
      Whistled goodbye all rails leading south,
      Breaking hearts with each mile rolling down,
      And in the sun, she’s on the run,
      I’ll write you down.

  • Pickup Truck

    • Lyrics

      Pickup Truck

      There ain’t no guarantee, about tomorrow and there is no yesterday.
      For all we know, there’s only tonight so don’t let it slip away.
      Yeah, we were living wrong for so long. I’d hide in lies, you’d run away.
      But for once in this life girl, we gotta get it right, we can’t let it slip away.

      See I got this old pickup truck.
      It ain’t much darlin’ but it can still get up.
      Maybe you and me could, could get away,
      Count the stars at night baby, then chase the sun by day.

      I think of summer days, from so long ago. I’ve watched all this hair turn grey.
      And all those tears that we quietly cried can’t wash regrets away.
      Now all my friends keep growing wiser, cherish light of the new day.
      But all those ramblin’ nights we lived so loudly, weren’t lived in vain.

      See I got this old book of notes,
      Filled with songs, and stories baby, and poems I wrote.
      Maybe you could stay and have a read,
      And maybe you could help me find the words, find the words I need.

  • Lonely as You

    • Lyrics

      Lonely As You (written by Chris Witt, Safety First Gonzales)

      When you’re walking down the alley with a sixpack of beer
      And thoughts do whatever they wanna do,
      And you’ve drifted apart from the girl that you love,
      Ain’t no one as lonely as you.

      Ain’t no one as lonely, as lonely as you,
      No one as lonely as you.
      Ain’t no one as lonely as the
      broken hearted man/fighter for truth/man on the stage.
      No one as lonely as you

      So you try to spread the word of things you believe in,
      But none of them would feel these words too.
      Of honesty and heart, blood, and sorrow and love,
      Ain’t no one as lonely as you.

      When a man reaches out to the crowd in the night,
      Ain’t no one down there to talk to.
      And he can’t stand these fake pussies in front of the stage,
      Ain’t no one as lonely as you.

  • Always and Forever

    • Lyrics

      Always and Forever

      Held fast the ladder to your heart, and I clung to every rung,
      While our bridges just kept burning on their way to kingdom come.
      But I haven’t loved another heart,
      Since giving mine to you.

      Well a salutation’s beauty, is a symmetry’s demise,
      And words you used to speak to me, now written on goodbyes,
      Now tattooed to this skin,
      I send them back to you.

      ‘I love you always, and forever,’
      I’ll grieve a little longer ‘til the weight of you subsides.
      For always, then never,
      It’s happy never after with a sigh.

      Those sparkles on your finger now sleeping in a box,
      That once upon a time offered promises for rocks.
      And a long forgotten fairtytale,
      Still haunts me in my sleep.

      And days would turn to months, and then those months turned into years,
      I’d scribble it all down, in hopes that one day you would hear,
      That I’ll love you to my bitter end,
      These words still yours to keep.

      But you live on in these heartbreaks,
      In minor sounding pic strokes where lost love resides,
      And these tearful offered voice breaks,
      will help me say goodbye.

      I’ll keep on, you’ll stay gone,
      Your words still ringing in my ears.
      No love song will right wrongs,
      So I’ll sing until I’m out of tears.

  • Hell We Sent Over

    • Lyrics

      Hell We Sent Over

      Well, it’s hell we sent over,
      Over across the sea.

      The barroom stunk of memories,
      Spilled from last night’s glass of cheer.
      And of smoke-stained tales from barfly’s,
      Who kept whispering in our ears.
      When you don’t know where you’re headed,
      And you know not where you’ve been,
      Come sip a little everything where nothing is a sin.

      So come on in, we’re holding court,
      On thrones along the bar.
      Tipping crowns to unfair maidens,
      As they file out to their cars.
      Wave goodbye to those we love,
      And to a few of those we don’t.
      With whiskey in the jar-o,
      Up came a bottle of smoke.

      And we’ll right this ship and sail her on ‘til morn,
      Just to spread our drunken tales to every shore.

      The taps had gotten dusty,
      And the barroom emptied out.
      And early day rebellions,
      Had been tempered by the sound.
      As a friendly jukebox stranger,
      Murdered sadness with a song,
      But it ended with a whimper,
      With the barkeep’s final call.

  • Throwing Rocks

    • Lyrics

      Throwing Rocks

      Things had gotten rough some days ago,
      Trade a crowded bed for a lonely floor,
      Sippin’ bottles labeled whiskey, but who knows?

      Stick a fork in us, but we ain’t done,
      Fill the tank back up, band on the run.
      Gonna pop that bitch Miss Fortune in her nose.

      So bet the farm and take your shot.
      Bluff the cards but don’t get caught.
      Desperate men got little left to lose.
      Well cast your stones but make ‘em count.
      Make your ‘bones’ we’ll bleed you out.
      And we’ll teach you what it’s like to sing the blues.

      So this coat of arms is battle scarred,
      But we’ll heat these hearts on warm guitars.
      Now here we stand once more on solid ground.

      And we got here via hell and back,
      But most of us is still intact.
      And it’ll take more man than ‘God’ to put us down.

      Step up the line is drawn.
      Come earn your scars.
      Ante up, sit down, we’ll play for blood.
      You think you got me pegged,
      You got it wrong, dead wrong.

  • On a Long Night

    • Lyrics

      On A Long Night

      Can you hear my heart beating?
      It’s playing out this tune just for you.
      And are you lonely little girl?
      Cause I’ve been lonely too.

      And the long hard days, they just strip away,
      All that we are.
      And the games life plays, they just strip away,
      All that you own.

      So put a candle in your window darlin’.
      And pull those shutters down so tight.
      I can see the storm clouds rolling in.
      And I know it’s gonna be,
      It’s gonna be a long, long night.

      And it’s alright, on a long night,
      When you feel you can’t go on.
      Oh baby, hold tight, for the daylight,
      We’ll just let love lead us home.

      Save a dance for me, my darling.
      They’re playing out this tune just for you.
      So don’t be lonely little girl,
      Cause this beating heart beats for you.

      And that long walk home, won’t be walked alone,
      But hand in hand and step by step,
      And life’s little house of cards, we can build upon two hearts,
      Arm in arm and evermore.

  • Rock N Roll

    • Lyrics


      I got a pocket full of money,
      And a mouth full of lies.
      Made a ‘Peter Pan’ living,
      Living ‘Lord of the Flies,’
      And the devil waits for no man, so I’m told.
      So we build it back up,
      Just to tear it all down.
      So when the going gets tough,
      Let’s get the fuck out of town,
      I’m leaving here tomorrow, here we go…

      Go, Go, Go! Just gimme that Rock n Roll in dirty rooms where no one knows our name.
      And Just Let Go! Let’s all enjoy the show,
      We’ll sing these tunes in punk rock tombs again.

      Well throw the booze in the back,
      And the gear in the van.
      Stay the fuck on the road,
      Just as long as we can.
      And glory be to those brave enough to roam.
      Leave it all on the stage,
      ‘Til we hit the next town.
      Cause you’ll never get lost,
      If you don’t wanna be found.
      And the story only ends when you get home.

      Go, Go, Go! I’ll bleed a little Rock n Roll with every chord, and every word we spit
      And Just Let Go! Gotta feel a little open road,
      Sing the glory to leaving worries to the wind.

  • Once Were Warriors

    • Lyrics

      Once Were Warriors

      Well do you still remember throwing hands up in the air?
      Screaming songs up to the heavens on the wings ‘Where Eagles Dare’?
      When a riot’s off-key anthem was like music to our ears.
      I miss the push of circling chaos offering refuge from the storm,
      Painted bands on studded jackets, that mostly kept up warm.
      Wish we knew then we were living all the best years of our lives.

      We were bold and we were brash.
      We were high but low on cash.
      Smoking refries from the tray,
      While London called The Clash.
      And that record just kept spinning on,
      On and on.
      We’d paint the words with tattooed lines,
      Drank the beer from plastic steins,
      Sipping courage from our cups,
      As we left the world behind.
      And that record just kept turning on,
      On and on.

      So once before the glory goes,
      Let’s charge into the sun.
      ‘Cause we all once were warriors,
      Once when we were young.

      Spent our twenty’s on the road,
      Traveling highways paved in gold.
      ‘Crank the stereo up loud!’
      Before we get too old.
      And the record just kept playing on,
      On and on.
      Yeah we were heroes, we were kids,
      On our ‘journey to the end’,
      Lose a little of our innocence,
      But made a few new friends.
      And the record just kept playing on,
      On and on.

  • Mockingbirds

    • Lyrics


      Well we sang the songs of right and wrongs,
      We brought along the anthems of our hearts.
      We’re mockingbirds, into the night we sing,
      And we sing on.

      Through old guitars, in smoky bars,
      We’re spinning yarns of love, both lost and true.
      These songs have all been written out to you,
      And we sing on.

      So if your heart’s too worn to beat,
      Lay all your troubles at your feet,
      Gracefully kick them down the street,
      And sing on.

      We’ll sing with you, a tune or two,
      Together to the rafters, here we go:
      From all of us to everyone we know,
      Our thanks until we see you at the show,
      Farewell our voices ringing high and low,
      And please sing on.