‘Hell’ Acoustic Performance St. Patrick’s Day 2016

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh!
Austin, TX celebrated St. Patrick’s Day right and got their puck rock fix at Drunken Ship Records’ Debut Punk Showcase at the Eastside’s Irish Pub, Hard Luck Lounge. 03/17/2016. Natchet Taylor, Chelsea Barbo, Chris Klinck, and Dylan Karn tear it up on stage.

Song written by Chris Klinck and Natchet Taylor.

Recorded and produced by JMK Films:

Hell We Sent Over

Well, it’s hell we sent over
Over across the sea

The barroom stunk of memories
Spilled from last night’s glass of cheer
And of smoke-stained tales from barfly’s
Who kept whispering in our ears
When you don’t know where you’re headed,
And you know not where you’ve been,
Come sip a little everything, where nothing is a sin

So come on in, we’re holding court
On thrones along the bar
Tipping crowns to unfair maidens
As they file out to their cars
Wave goodbye to those we love
And to a few of those we don’t
With whiskey in the jar-o,
Up came a bottle of smoke

And we’ll right this ship and sail her on ‘til morn…
Just to spread our drunken tales to every shore…

The taps had gotten dusty
And the barroom emptied out
And early day rebellions
Had been tempered by the sound
As a friendly jukebox stranger
Murdered sadness with a song
But it ended with a whimper
With the barkeep’s final call