‘Sweet Dreams’ Acoustic in the Bunker

Chris and Natchet sit down in the Bunker and play “Sweet Dreams” from the album “Nowherebound II”- April 10, 2016. Lyrics below.

— Sweet Dreams —
Well we settled in the quiet,
Left two wounded hearts to dream…
Of a love that she and I had yet to see.
But her subtlety of urgency,
Fell deaf and dumb on me…
As we lingered a bit longer in the sweet.

So sweet dreams, sweet lover…
Be free to love another,
I got tears enough to occupy the space…
Between this chest and vacant arms,
Lived the girl who stole my heart…
Wake happy little angel on your way

Those Arizona sunsets,
Like nothing I had seen…
Lent blue into those eyes she swore were green.
And morning talks with coffee,
Made for lovers’ poetry…
While we lingered a bit longer in the sweet.

And my first wish wasn’t for us to be friends
But love’s last words must one day find their end
And before the blue runs from those pretty greens…
Well I got one last wish from you…from me

Fare thee well, fair maiden,
Every story has its end…
And make believe is still, pretend.
But I’ll reaffirm those vows,
And wish her, a happy now…
While I linger a bit longer in the sweet.

Bye bye, baby bird.