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Recording Mourning Glory: Part One

 As The Road Winds On…

March 20, 2018

Family, friends and fans alike: Chelsea here. I’m so incredibly honored to be sharing this studio experience with all of you. As we get closer to touring this album, I’ll be sending you sweet little updates on our journey. As most of you know, we’ve decided to double it up, and outdo ourselves with a double LP. It’s invigorating and heart-stopping all in the same breath. This is our sixth album and we are calling it “Mourning Glory”.

This will be the first record with all six of us, and as our family grows, so does our sound. We can’t wait to share our hearts and souls with you on this one.

Natchet will be taking his turn laying down tracks today in the studio. Rob and Clint, or Lightning andThunder as we so affectionately call them, have brewed up a storm with the rhythm section already. So much has been done and there’s still more to go. With this upcoming tour (stay tuned to the website and your e-mail if you’re a subscriber… announcements to come!) being my first time out of the country and my first real tour with any band,  I couldn’t be more grateful for the awesomeness that I’m surrounded by. Not only do these lovely gentleman call me family, but they really give their all on this end. All their time, all their brain power… it’s inspiring to experience this side by side.

We got to play the Altercation Punk Rock BBQ at Kick Butt Coffee last weekend during SXSW here in Austin, and it was incredible. We spent time catching up with old friends and making new ones, with awesome tunes happening the whole day through.

I’ve noticed a lot of reminiscing happening between us all lately. Remembering the times when we all first became acquainted warms my heart and awakens the dreamer in me. This is how music should be made. With love, devotion, integrity and soul.

So for now, we’ll continue to lock these tunes in and get ’em all ready for you. As I listen to these songs, I can’t contain my excitement. Stay true, friends. And please sing on.

-With love and adoration,


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